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Every dog deserves a bed - for warmth, comfort, and the security of having a place of his or her own.

If you would like your pet to choose a bed over couches or human bed as a place to sleep it is best to introduce them to their own bed at an early age. With consistent training you can keep your pet off the furniture for his or her entire life.

Where you place your dog's bed is entirely up to you and your dog. Just remember it is his or her resting-place so it's best not to place it in a high traffic area of your home. Many pet owners place their pet's bed in their cage or crate once he or she is house trained, while others prefer a location near where they spend much of their time so their companion is always nearby. We have a great selection of Orthopedic Luxury Dog Beds that enable you to choose a comfortable bed that complements your décor.